Cart Price Guide

Cart Prices

$4000 and under – Usually an older cart that we take on trade or buy that needs work. In most cases these carts will need batteries/tires.
$5000 – Usually a decent cart that has been used with minor customization and sometimes you find bargains in this range. These are usually our trade in carts that we have done some work on and invested time and parts. We stand behind our carts and often give a warranty with these carts in the higher price bracket.
$7000 – $10000 – These will be higher end used carts as well as our rebuilt carts. We replace major components that are bad, paint the bodies and customize them with accessories. These can also be the Club Car Re-manufactured carts that are available from time to time. Denago EV also have brand new vehicles that are in this price range
$10000 and up – These are usually brand new carts or custom carts. These may have a manufacturers warranty and are mostly the carts we finance.

Contact our Sales team on 813-634-6646 to go through your requirements and we will try and assist you in getting the cart your choice. There are various ways to finance your vehicle, so stop by and see how we can assist.

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